RN to BSN Program

Online RN to BSN Program

Earning your RN to BSN degree at Houston Baptist University will allow you to master the skills and knowledge necessary to take on new and expanded leadership roles as a nurse.

Offered through the School of Nursing and Allied Health, Houston Baptist University’s online RN to BSN program allows registered nurses to earn their BSN without having to travel to class. The flexible RN to BSN curriculum is designed to expand your knowledge and skills beyond the clinical aspects of nursing, leading you to a more impactful role as a leader within the healthcare community.

This 100% online, no lecture program prepares graduates for employability by offering an industry-aligned curriculum that utilizes user friendly technology and emphasizes weekly one-on-one instructor-student coaching.

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 RN to BSN Program Features

Eight (8) 100% online courses

 You achieve 29 credits through eight convenient self-paced online courses. Each term is 8-weeks, creating an opportunity for you to graduate quickly.

Personal Success Coach

You will be paired with a success coach who provides guidance around time management, balancing work and life demands, and goal setting.

Learn Comprehensive Skill Sets Valuable to Employers

In order to meet the need for highly trained nursing staff in hospitals and healthcare facilities, the online RN to BSN program follows an industry-aligned format. Our curriculum is student-centric and personalized. Competencies are industry-aligned, utilizing next-generation technology in simulation laboratories. HBU’s RN to BSN program produces nursing leaders.

Learn from professionals

Students work in tandem with HBU instructors and student coaches and receive weekly one-on-one support throughout the program. So instead of learning in crowded lecture halls, students receive real-time, personalized feedback.

Online Nursing Degree Curriculum

Houston Baptist University’s online RN to BSN Program allows you to efficiently complete your bachelor’s degree, most often in one to two years. The program is a combination of 8 upper level nursing courses and a set of foundational general education courses. You will reach 120 total undergraduate credits through the combination of the online RN to BSN program, your previously completed ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing), and any other undergraduate credits earned prior to enrolling. Below is an outline of the online RN to BSN program. HBU admissions will help you maximize your transfer credits and chart your course, so call us today to get started mapping your course to BSN completion.


For additional detail on course descriptions, please view our Course Catalog.

Perspectives on the Healthcare System

Pharmacology for Nurses

Health Assessment

Pathophysiology for Health Care

Care of Vulnerable Populations

Applied Nursing Research

Nurses in the Community; Nursing the Community

Health Care Administration for Nurses

General Education Curriculum

Students of the online RN to BSN program must take 30 credit hours or more from Houston Baptist University to complete their degree. Once an undergraduate student has enrolled at HBU, no more than 18 semester hours total will be accepted for transfer credit. After completion of approved work elsewhere, an official transcript showing the approved work must be sent directly from the awarding institution to HBU Office of Academic Records. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the denial of credit. The student risks the loss of credit by failure to adhere to these policies. 

General Education (Transfer Credits Determine Actual Courses Required)

For additional detail on course descriptions, please view our Course Catalog.

Art Appreciation (ART 2343) 

Rhetoric and Public Speaking (COMM 1323) 

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1313) 

General Psychology (PSYC 1313) 

Great Works of Literature I or II (ENGL 2315 or ENGL 2325) 

Composition and Literature I (ENGL 1313) 

Natural Science Requirement: Anatomy and Physiology or Intro to Chemistry (BIOL 2404) / (CHEM 1404) 

Composition and Literature II (ENGL 1323)

Western Civilization I (HIST 2311)

History Requirement: Choose From HIST 2312, HIST 2313 or HIST 2323

American and Texas Government I (GOVT 2313) 

Math for Critical Thinking (MATH 1305) (or college algebra or higher)

Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (PSYC 2301)

Introduction to Bible and Theology (CHRI 3300) 

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